Friday, September 22, 2017

Glenmore SOARS Back to the Top!

This Week's Leader Board

Glenmore soared once again to take First Place on the Tech Badge Leader Board, but the Lake View Chiefs are right on their heels. Lamar stays in a solid Third Place, but continues to get closer. Looking to take their place on the stand and gaining momentum are Goliad, Santa Rita, and Bonham. Congratulations to Mrs. Gryder, she put Fort Concho in the hunt for a place on the stand. 

Thank you to all campuses who are participating! Want to see your campus on the Leader Board? Just visit our website and request a badge. There are many badges to choose from and more are added throughout the year. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Technology Integration

While trying to find inspiration for today's blog, I remembered a past blog that I read.
💋KISS - Keep it Simple Sunshine.🌞

While visiting classrooms this week, we saw some great learning with the use of technology - and none of it was a HUGE project. When integrating technology, it takes practice, reflection, tweak, and repeat until perfected. Just within two days, students in classrooms at four different elementary campuses:

practiced how to sign into a Chromebook 💻

created Popplets showing place value in different formats

had an online discussion in Padlet

went on a live safari 🐅

played Plickers in math class

created a slide show in google slides to review nouns

worked on a variety of assignments using Google Classroom📝

The 4 C's could be seen in all classes using technology. Students were working together to help classmates(collaboration), finding pictures and colors to give their assignment their own personal touch (creativity), solving and showing what they know other than paper and pencil (critical thinking), and talking and sharing (communication). 

Students were engaged, learning, and sharing with others.