Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Turned In, Missing, Late, or Graded?

Individual Views in Google Classroom for the Teacher and Students

Having several classes, subjects, and teachers, it can be a challenge for students to keep up with all the work, when it's due, etc. Google Classroom has several ways for students and teachers to quickly view an assignment(s) status.

Individual Student View Options
  • From the Classroom Dashboard: Click on the Clipboard, and a list will open showing what is missing, graded, turned in, or late. 

  • From the ABOUT Tab in Classroom: Click on Your Work. Students can view their assignment(s) status. 

Teacher View Options
  • From the STUDENT Tab in Classroom: In the roster, click on the student's name to view the student's work page. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

New Padlet Features

I absolutely LOVE padlet. It is so versatile. Padlet is an online discussion board in which you can display information on any topic. You can post text, videos, links, and images. You can even leave a comment or rate a post.

Teacher/Students uses:

  • Curate Resources
  • Classroom/Student web page
  • Online Information Board
  • Class Syllabus/Lesson Plan
  • Classroom Discussion
  • Present information
  • Portfolio of Work
The new features make it even more user friendly, and it's all FREE!

AND... Click the 3 dots to view even more New and Improved Options.

  • Add video from your Camera
  • Add audio straight from your mic.
  • Add your own drawings or doodles
  • Add a map location.
  • Link to another Padlet.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tech Badge Leader Board

Another Change!

Congratulations to the Mighty Goliad Eagles! They take second place honors this week on the Leader Board. Lamar still holds strong to 3rd Place. And Lake View High School is rock solid in first. 
Shout out goes to Mrs. Cuevas at Belaire. She's put the Belaire Eagles into the hunt for a place on the podium.

Monday, January 22, 2018

World Read Aloud Day

Register today for World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) on February 1st. This is a day for students all around the world to read aloud together, share ideas and stories, and learn about others. Host an event by reading with another class or author with Skype or Google Hangout. Share your students’ love of reading by sharing your story and pictures at #WorldReadAloudDay.  For more information and to download a complete teacher guide with ideas and materials, visit

Here are a few resources to help you connect with other classes or authors.

Skype in the Classroom – Lesson ideas for WRAD also available.

Authors who will Skype from Kate Messner

Connected Classrooms Workshop - a Google+ Community in which educators can share their ideas on how best to utilize technology to enhance classroom curriculum and to help educators connect with other classrooms around the world. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

New School on the Podium this Week

Tech Badge Leader Board

Congratulations to the Goliad Eagles! They take 3rd place this week taking down the Glenmore Jets. But beware Lamar Lions, the Eagles are nipping at your heels. Lake View Chiefs still hold tight to their First Place honors wondering if there's a school brave enough to dethrone them. 
Will the Eagles take out the lions? Will the Jets soar high again next week? Will we see a brand new school take a spot on the podium? Tune in next week to find out.