Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Grading Options for Google Forms

Tech Tip Tuesday

Last week, we shared how to turn your Google Form into a Multiple-Choice Quiz that will automatically grade and compile the results in Google Sheets. 

What if you want to design a quiz or an assignment to be multiple choice/short answer or nothing but short answer questions? Can that be easily graded? Yes, with Flubaroo or Super Quiz, two add-ons in Google Sheets. 

Flubaroo is a free add-on that gives teachers the power to quickly grade and analyze multiple choice or fill-in the blank quizzes or assignments.
Check out the Help Center to find out how you can grade short answers with more than one word, grade answers that are case sensitive, or add a digital sticker. Use the easy 5-step Guide to show you step-by-step on how to create and grade an assessment or assignment.

Super Quiz is free add-on that is so much more than just grading and receiving results. It offers real-time grading meaning you don't have to wait for all students to take and submit the assignment or quiz before grading. It breaks down the scored data in a variety of ways and automatically creates a tab for each data view in a google sheet. Super Quiz also creates a tab that enables teachers to give students, either through print out or email, feedback and suggestions on what they should do next after taking the quiz or completing an assignment.  
View this tutorial video to help you start using Super Quiz today. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Free Math Apps from Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center provides a variety of MATH APPS for elementary students including Fractions, Geoboard, Number Line, Pattern Shapes, Number Pieces, Number Pieces Basics, Number Frames, Number Rack, Money Pieces, and Math Vocabulary Cards. 

Each app is available for ipads and chromebooks and uses a similar toolbar so moving between apps is easy for students. Just go to the App Store and search for Math Learning Center. All of the apps will show in the results list - install one or all of them! They're FREE!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quiz It with QUIZIZZ

Website Wednesday

In case you missed last night's PD in your Pajamas, I wanted to let you all know about another quick and easy informative assessment tool. 

No need to create an account, just log in using your SAISD Google account. Create quizzes or reviews on the go and play on the go. Can be played live or assigned as homework. And yes, with just a few clicks of a button you can link what you create into your Google Classroom. 

Visit the Chrome Web Store to add the Teacher and Student QUIZIZZ app to Chrome for easier access. 

If you've played Kahoot!, then you'll love Quizizz. Click HERE to get started.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Automatically Grade Multiple Choice Quiz with Google Forms

Tech Tip Tuesday

Google Forms and Sheets have made test taking more convenient with easier grading and easier data collection. 

Follow these steps to turn a Google Form with multiple choice questions into a quiz that automatically grades. 

 1) Open Forms
 2) Add a Quiz Title and Description (directions). 
 3) Click Settings > Quizzes. Toggle the top button to "Make this a quiz."
 4) Fill out all the necessary Quiz Options and Click Save. 
 5) Create your multiple choice questions and answers. Assign a point value to each question by clicking on Answer Key
6) Share a link or Send the quiz to your students to complete. 

As your students take the assessment, click the Response Tab to see the quiz results. For further data analysis, open the quiz responses in a google sheet with one click of a button. Under the Response Tab, locate the Google Sheet and click. 

Next week, I'll share two add-ons for Google Sheet that make grading a short answer quiz as easy as pie. 

Quick Assessment with Plickers

Mobile App Monday

Wanted to share the following information on Plickers in case you weren't able to attend our recent training. 

We don't always have time to or need to give our students a test to do a quick check of the class -- that's where Plickers comes into play. 

Plickers is a simple app that allows teachers to collect formative assessment data without student devices. Use the Plickers.com site to create a teacher account, set up your classes, assign your students a plickers card and create questions. You will also print your cards from the website. Once you have everything set up, install the plickers app on your mobile device (any mobile device) and use it to scan student answers. 

Plickers has a great help section to get you started or you can go this Plickers playlist on YouTube for additional help. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Website Wednesday

Need photos, illustrations, or videos for your presentation, document, or website? Not sure if they violate copyright? Well, your search is over. Just use..

Pixabay has over 850,00  high-quality photos and illustrations and over 3,000 videos that can be used for free by anyone, anywhere, and on anything. You don't have to worry about copyright. AND it's so simple to use. Just search, download, and insert into a document, presentation, website, and more. 

Check out the advanced search features that are also offered. You can search for graphics by size, orientation, color, or category. Need a graphic that doesn't have that pesky white background? With Pixabay you can search for graphics with transparent backgrounds.Create an account, upload, and keep graphics in your personal library. 

So for your next presentation be sure to check out pixabay.com. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tips for Submitting Tech Badge Evidence

Tech Tip Tuesday

The SAISD Tech Badge program is in full swing. We would like to thank all of those who have been participating and encourage the others who have not started yet to join the learning and fun. The Tech Badge program is a fabulous way to show fellow co-workers, parents, students, and administrators what technology tools you and your students use in your classroom to broaden learning experiences.

Here's just a few suggestions for submitting evidence to help you receive your tech badge(s):

Google Classroom: Send your class code, so that we can join the class and view all classroom materials, assignments, or discussions. 

Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Draw: Share the document with view only rights. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Sway: Send as an email attachment or share view only rights through your Microsoft One Drive. 

Want the Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive tech badge? Use Window's Snipping Tool to snip, copy, and paste a pic of your drive into an email. 

Kahoot: Email or include the following information in the request badge form: the name of the kahoot and your username. 

Video Creation with Screencast, Screencastomatic, or Powtoon: Screencast you can save and share using your Google Drive or link to your Google Classroom. Screencast-o-matic and powtoon can be uploaded to your SAISD YouTube Channel or send us a custom link. 

And always remember, we love pics, pics, pics. Take and email pictures of your students working on an interactive Smartboard or Mimio activity. Take and email pictures of your classes Skype session with another class. 

And never forget that EdTech with Howard and Feck is always here to answer any of your tech badge questions.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Apps for the Science Classroom

Mobile App Monday

Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon some Science websites that I found to be interesting and shared those on our Website Wednesday blog. Today, I wanted to share a few Science Apps that I found interesting and fun. *All apps can be found for free on itunes or in the App Store for ipads and iphones.

Plum's Photo Hunt: This app is part of PBSKIDS and Plum Landing. To get kids excited about the outside world around them, students are sent on a mission to take photos of awesome things they see outdoors such as plants, bugs, or weather. They can save the photos and add them to their field journal or send photos to the Plum Landing website to be added to their online gallery.  

Libby's Lab: The objective of this app is for students to complete experiments to get the equipment Libby needs for her lab. What's even better, is that the students, with adult supervision, can actually complete the experiments for real. 

Science360: This app is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and provides breaking news, images and videos from around the globe.

Atom-Builder:  Warning - app may cause addiction to chemistry class. Students can acquire the skills needed to count protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom. Students can race the clock and tweet the results. Practice in practice mode and students can tweet the atom they design.

Classify It: Collect "creature cards" by classifying correctly different items. Comes with three levels and is lots of fun.

CDC Solve the Outbreak: Your mission: Save Lives! How? Collect and analyze data and make the right decision. Start off as a trainee and end a Disease Detective.

Virtual Bacteria ID Lab: This app is designed for biology students.

Ready Set STAAR Test Practice App: This free app provides practice questions for the Texas STAAR Science exam. Questions are grouped for grade levels 3, 4, and 5 and are available in both English and Spanish. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

**Must See** New Google Classroom Feature

EdTech with Howard and Feck couldn't wait to share this new, fabulous feature with all SAISD Google Classroom Users.

You can now assign questions, announcements, or assignments to individual students or a whole class.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More with Kahoot!

Website Wednesday

Kahoot is a website that allows teachers to create multiple choice questions with images, text and video. Students then join the game using a code provided by the teacher. The faster the student answers the more points they get. Of course, correct answers also get points. Best of all, the site works on any device - laptop, macbook, iPad, Chromebook, smart phone . . . anything with internet access. 

Even better, Kahoot has added a NEW game and data results features. 

Data Results can be saved to your Google Drive with one click of a button. Quiz results will open in a Google Sheet allowing you to manipulate the data. This is great for helping set-up RTI or Enrichment Groups. Classes can also celebrate the top 3 placed students with the new game option, Podium.  

With the new Ghost Mode feature, classes can play the game again. As they play again,Kahoot keeps, shows, and compares student scores and answers from the live game (first game played) and the Ghost Mode game. It's a great way to motivate students to beat their previous score while reinforce learning through repetition. Since students can create their own free account, assign Kahoot as homework and with Ghost Mode students can play again and again. While at the same time, you can see all the data in a google sheet with a click of a button. 

The new Kahoot Jumble, a sequencing game, "promotes accuracy over speed". Put historical events in chronological order, sort the parts of a word problem, or rearrange sentences. The possibilities are endless. 

Here's a handout to get things started for you. I promise your students will love it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Miss These Google Form Tips

Tech Tip Tuesday

We all know that Google Form is an effective tool to use in the classroom. Google Form is great for collecting data from surveys, assessments, exit tickets, or questionnaires. It's a tool that can also be used for journal writing, creating stories, or as a substitution for a classroom worksheet. Data collected from the Forms are quickly compiled and placed into a Google Sheet with one click of a button. 

Pictures can be added to questions or individual answer choice. YouTube videos can easily be added into Google Form. 
Here's how: 

Google continues to add to their products taking suggestion from Google Users. Recently, they added a new feature to Google Forms. Form creators can now add an Upload File Question to a Google Form which allows SAISD employs and students to upload files to the form owner's google drive. Here's how: Upload a File Question

Add-ons in Google Form  add more functionality making this digital tool even more effective to use in the classroom. 
Here's how: 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Quiet on the Set! Action!: Video Creation Apps

Mobile App Monday

Students can show what they know with these fun, easy-to-use video apps. 

Tellagami: Students can quickly create a short video in 3 easy steps: 
1) Choose and customize your character and background. Use your own image and background to bring learning to life.
2) Record your voice or type your message or doodle. 
3) Save and share. 

Telestory:  To show what they know, students can create and star in their own TV show. 
Get started in just a few easy steps - 
1. Pick a theme.

2. Select the first shot to use in the story - students can have multiple shots in one story. 
2. Create a script from one of the cue cards provided or have students write their own.
3. Dress up in 50 different digital costumes with face tracking.
4. Perform and record your own show with animated settings and special effects.
5. Broadcast your show by exporting it to the camera roll.

6. The saved broadcast can be shared in the classroom or posted online. 

Shadow puppet: Students can explain and share their ideas and knowledge with this super simple video app. 
1) Choose photos or videos from the web or camera roll. 
2) Add music or record your voice. 
3) Add animated titles or draw with emoji wands
4) Save and share. 

These apps would be great to use for Digital Learning Day on February 23rd. Show others around the world how you and your students are using digital tools in the classroom to strength a student's learning experience. Students can use the video creation apps to explain a math concept, vocabulary words, or a science experiment.They can share details about a fictional or historical place or character. 

The possibilities are endless!

Do you have a favorite video creation app? Share your recommendations in the comment box below. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Resources for Science Classrooms

Website Wednesday

In preparation for Digital Learning Day in February, I came across some Science websites that I would like to share.

National Geographic Society: This websites contains a variety of interactive activities, lessons, teacher guides, educational games, and  interactive map making kits.

Great Websites for Kids; While I have not had the time to check at ALL the websites available, I just had to share. This link contains a plethora of science websites sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children from the American Library Association.

3D Solar System: Provides a 3D solar system simulation.

TimeLine Adventure in Space: This site provides educational games for all ages. Games included:

  • Distance from Sun - Drag the planet to the correct place in the solar system.
  • Timeline of Solar System Exploration - Place the events correctly on the timeline of Solar System Exploration
  • Famous Astronomers - Can you identify them? 
  • Planet Size - Place the planet in the correct order based on size. 
  • Send Spacecraft to the Planet - Send the appropriate space craft to the correct planet
  • Planet's Natural Satellites - Do you the which moon belongs to which planet? 

Planetarium;  Students can view over 1,000 stars from any location and time around the world by moving their mouse across the sky and clicking. Point at a star or planet and get information, distance, and even coordinates to locate with a telescope.

Visible Geology:  Create and explore geological blocks models or a 3D topographic map.

BioDigital Human: Students can explore the human body in 3D to gain an understanding of anatomy, diseases, and treatments. There are over a 1,000 interactive visuals with detailed medical descriptions. Students can select and dissect, add or remove layers, perform surgical procedures or take screenshots and annotate.

Solar Energy Calculator: Want to generate your own solar energy? This website helps you choose the correct solar panels to use.

Unit Converter

Chemical Elements:  Includes a periodic table with information and a molecular weight calculator.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Connect Google Drive to Your Laptop or Desktop

Tech Tip Tuesday

We all want an easier way to move and copy files from our computer to the cloud - Google Drive Sync makes that happen. Simply install Google Drive Sync from the Software Center (icon on your computer) to your desktop or laptop and then select what files to sync. This will make moving and copying files so much easier.

After the install is complete, open Windows File Explorer and you'll see your Google Drive listed in Favorites or Quick Access. To move a file from your computer just drag it to the Google Drive folder. To copy a file, hold down the Shift key while you drag the file.

An added bonus - changes you make while working in Google Chrome will automatically be made in your Google Drive housed on your desktop or laptop.

The video below will take you step-by-step on how to add your Google Drive onto your desktop and/or laptop. This will make moving documents from your SAISD I:drive and saving documents and images from an Internet search easier and faster.

*If you are unable to locate the Google Drive Sync in Software Center, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.