Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Fun from Google

Website Wednesday

Want to relax and have some fun after a day of grading essays or projects? Then I have the place for you. Or maybe you need a moment of peace? Then I have a website for your children. 

This site opens a new game or learning opportunity daily until Christmas. You or your children can
  • Play games such as Wrap Battle, Gumball Tilt, or Gift Slingshot
  • Learn about other countries' holiday traditions or how to say "Merry Christmas" in another language. 
  • Complete coding Challenges to create snowflakes or make elves dance. 
  • Track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve using Google Map. 
So after a long day of grading or taking exams, sit on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, and visit Santa's Village for some holiday relaxation. 

Happy Holidays 
from EdTech with Howard and Feck

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