Friday, June 16, 2017

Play Your Voice in a QR Code

I love using QR Codes in the classroom - and here's another great way to use them. Tony Vincent  tweeted about using QR codes to play audio recordings - and it's so easy to do!

1. Go to and record your message.
2. Save the recording to your Google Drive.
3. Create a shareable link to the file and copy it.
4. Go to and paste the link in the box (make sure you click the globe icon first).
5. Download the QR code or right click and copy it.

You now have a QR code with audio attached to it.

Teachers - create audio QR codes to provide instructions to students, read a passage from a story, creating oral exams, parent tutorials and information, interactive lessons, etc.

Students - create audio QR codes to show understanding of any concept, share reading fluency, ask questions, etc.

To level up this tool, create a shared google slides file and post it in Google Classroom. Students would insert their QR codes into a slide. All students could then scan the QR codes to hear their fellow students reading or discussing a certain topic. 

Here's a link to his twitter post -

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