Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tab to Search in Chrome

  • Chrome has some great features built in - one of my favorites is the tab to search option. in the Omnibox (address bar), start typing the web address of the site you want to search. If Google Chrome has a record of the site's search engine, it automatically offers you the option to search that site by pressing the Tab key. 

  • For example, if I wanted to search YouTube for a certain video, I don't have to go to YouTube's website to do the search. I just have to type youtube.com in the Omnibox, press the Tab key on my keyboard, type in my search criteria and press Enter.

Chrome will return search results from the site I searched. 

If Chrome doesn't have record of the site's search engine, just go to the site and search for something one time and it will automatically be added to the search engines list in the Manage Search Engines section of Chrome Settings.

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