Monday, January 25, 2016

Tell a Story with Tellagami

Tellagami has to be one of my favorite apps. Students and teachers can use Tellagami to create short (30 seconds) videos using a background and an avatar.

Tellagami is free, but it also has in app purchases. Tellagami Edu is $4.99 but does not have in app purchases. I use the free app - it does limit some of your choices, but it works well for me. My suggestion would be to try the free version and if you think you would use it enough to justify the $4.99 price tag, go for it.

Using the program is easy - 
1. Create a character to tell your story.
2. Select a background. This can be one included in the app or you can use your own images. Think about using a photo of a math problem, famous landmark, science process, etc.
3. Record your voice explaining the background or whatever you want it to say.
4. Share your Gami (video) through social media or save it to your camera roll.

Here are some ideas on how you and your students can use Tellagami
1. Explain a math concept (or science, social studies, etc.).
2. Remind students of homework or project timelines.
3. Create several Gamis to give a presentation.
4. Vocabulary in a foreign language class.
5. Public service announcement.

The possibilities are endless!

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