Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Using Google Keep to Keep Up

Google Keep, although a lesser known Google product, is a great tool to keep you organized from both your computer and your mobile device.

To access Google Keep from your computer, just go to If you want it on your mobile device, just install it from your app store - it works on both iOS and Android devices. You'll need to log in using your GAFE account to sync all of your notes to your devices.

Once you're logged in, simply click in the area that says Take a Note and get started.

Here's a good resource that will let you know what can be done on the web version versus the mobile versions -

Two more things about Google Keep that make it a great resource - 

1. Any note that I create can be imported directly into Google Docs. I think this is a great tool for students. If they are jotting down ideas and information about a project, they can pull all of it right into their Google Doc. Just click the More button (three dots) and click Copy to Google Docs.
2. Any note can be shared with others so if you are collaborating on a project, you can share notes with each other.


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