Monday, May 2, 2016

Art Made Easier with Hello Oil Painter & Hello Water Color

My father is an artist. When I was younger I remember going driving with him through the country so he could take photos of landscapes he wanted to recreate on canvas. He painted beautiful landscapes of bluebonnets, towering oak trees, farmhouses and fields. He tried, with much patience, to teach me his craft. Needless to say, I am not the artist he is, but I have found that I can channel my inner artist using apps on my iPad. 

Hello Oil Painter is an easy & fun oil painting app with a palette that lets you mix and manipulate colors. The free version doesn't provide too many colors, but with the mix option, you can create your own. 

Hello Water Color is a watercolor app with several brush types and a pencil to outline your designs. I was impressed by the realistic look of paintings. The full version comes with additional brushes, colors and colored pencils.

Download the free versions to see how you like them. The full versions are only $1 each. I think students would enjoy using these apps to create illustrations for books, projects or designs.

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