Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Discovery Education - A Video Library and So Much More

Our school district pays for a subscription to Discovery Education for all teachers. Discovery Education contains thousands of videos, images, audio files, articles and interactives that you can use with your students in class. 

Here are just a few things you can do with Discovery Education
1. Download videos and video clips to use in your lessons.
2. Download and use images.
3. Download and use audio files.
4. Access lesson plans, an interactive calendar and other professional development resources (Teacher Center).
5. Create and manage classes and assign videos and projects to your students.
6. Create writing prompts, assignments, quizzes and boards for your students.
7. Give access to students so they can get to all the content too.

If you are interested in using Discovery Education, you just need an account. Contact me at and I'll give you a campus code to get you started. If you want your students to have accounts, just let me know and we'll get them set up.

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