Tuesday, September 20, 2016

To Share or Unshare? That is the question.

Tech Tip Tuesday

It's more a question of how do I stop sharing a link, a file or folder if that person no longer needs access?

To turn off the share link in Google Drive or in any of the Google Apps, click the share button. Click Get Shareable link.
From the drop-down menu on the "Share with others" window, choose OFF - only specific people can access. 

To stop sharing a file with an individual in Google Drive or in any of the Google Apps, click the share button. In the "Share with others" window, click on Advanced in the bottom-right corner. In the list of "Who has Access", click the X beside the people who no longer needs access to the file. 

Other Available Resource: In Google Docs, to access "Share A Document" tutorial which includes how to stop sharing a link and document, please download the extension "Training for Google Apps" from the Chrome Web Store. The same tutorial video can be found in Sheets, Slides, and Forms using this extension. 

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