Monday, May 8, 2017

Draw, Tell, Share

Mobile App Monday

I know many teachers and students use Chatterpix as a tool for students to share with others what they know. Draw and Tell is another app from Duck Duck Moose that lets students draw and then narrate their drawing. This app can be used to explain a math problem, talk about historical locations and people, tell an original story about a frog that demonstrates its life cycle, or rewrite and tell a story from another point of view. The options are endless. 

This app is great for all ages and includes so many free and easy-to-use features.  The app comes with quite a few choices for backgrounds, color options (crayons, paint brushes, and color pencils), stickers, and stencils. Even better students can group drawings and recordings in order to create their own mini-movie. 

While looking into this app, I found some interesting news. Duck Duck Moose is now a part of Kahn Academy. That means all Duck Duck Moose products are free and without ads. 

Here are a few other Duck Duck Moose Products that you might want to try out: 

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