Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Web Sites for Social Studies

Websites Wednesday

Attended a webinar today from TCEA and wanted to share some of the spectacular social studies' apps from the session. 

Tween Tribune from the Smithsonian Institute - Find free current event articles. Teachers can differentiate for their students by choosing different lexile levels. Quizzes, lesson plans, and other resources are also available. 

Newspaper Archives from the Library of Congress - Read all about it. Primary sources from 1690 to present. Get first-hand accounts of important historical events and people. 

National Archive - Enhance and support student learning with digitized primary sources. Provides political cartoon resources and online exhibits. 

iCivics -  Students experience civic roles and address real-world issues through the sites interactive games. 

Google Arts and Cultures - This site offers historical online exhibits and virtual tours. 

Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay!: Civic Resources -  This site has lesson plans, videos, notes pages, and games that focus on landmark court decisions to help Texas students master TEKS in US government and history. 

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