Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Miss These Google Form Tips

Tech Tip Tuesday

We all know that Google Form is an effective tool to use in the classroom. Google Form is great for collecting data from surveys, assessments, exit tickets, or questionnaires. It's a tool that can also be used for journal writing, creating stories, or as a substitution for a classroom worksheet. Data collected from the Forms are quickly compiled and placed into a Google Sheet with one click of a button. 

Pictures can be added to questions or individual answer choice. YouTube videos can easily be added into Google Form. 
Here's how: 

Google continues to add to their products taking suggestion from Google Users. Recently, they added a new feature to Google Forms. Form creators can now add an Upload File Question to a Google Form which allows SAISD employs and students to upload files to the form owner's google drive. Here's how: Upload a File Question

Add-ons in Google Form  add more functionality making this digital tool even more effective to use in the classroom. 
Here's how: 

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