Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Resources for Science Classrooms

Website Wednesday

In preparation for Digital Learning Day in February, I came across some Science websites that I would like to share.

National Geographic Society: This websites contains a variety of interactive activities, lessons, teacher guides, educational games, and  interactive map making kits.

Great Websites for Kids; While I have not had the time to check at ALL the websites available, I just had to share. This link contains a plethora of science websites sponsored by the Association for Library Service to Children from the American Library Association.

3D Solar System: Provides a 3D solar system simulation.

TimeLine Adventure in Space: This site provides educational games for all ages. Games included:

  • Distance from Sun - Drag the planet to the correct place in the solar system.
  • Timeline of Solar System Exploration - Place the events correctly on the timeline of Solar System Exploration
  • Famous Astronomers - Can you identify them? 
  • Planet Size - Place the planet in the correct order based on size. 
  • Send Spacecraft to the Planet - Send the appropriate space craft to the correct planet
  • Planet's Natural Satellites - Do you the which moon belongs to which planet? 

Planetarium;  Students can view over 1,000 stars from any location and time around the world by moving their mouse across the sky and clicking. Point at a star or planet and get information, distance, and even coordinates to locate with a telescope.

Visible Geology:  Create and explore geological blocks models or a 3D topographic map.

BioDigital Human: Students can explore the human body in 3D to gain an understanding of anatomy, diseases, and treatments. There are over a 1,000 interactive visuals with detailed medical descriptions. Students can select and dissect, add or remove layers, perform surgical procedures or take screenshots and annotate.

Solar Energy Calculator: Want to generate your own solar energy? This website helps you choose the correct solar panels to use.

Unit Converter

Chemical Elements:  Includes a periodic table with information and a molecular weight calculator.

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