Monday, January 16, 2017

Apps for the Science Classroom

Mobile App Monday

Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon some Science websites that I found to be interesting and shared those on our Website Wednesday blog. Today, I wanted to share a few Science Apps that I found interesting and fun. *All apps can be found for free on itunes or in the App Store for ipads and iphones.

Plum's Photo Hunt: This app is part of PBSKIDS and Plum Landing. To get kids excited about the outside world around them, students are sent on a mission to take photos of awesome things they see outdoors such as plants, bugs, or weather. They can save the photos and add them to their field journal or send photos to the Plum Landing website to be added to their online gallery.  

Libby's Lab: The objective of this app is for students to complete experiments to get the equipment Libby needs for her lab. What's even better, is that the students, with adult supervision, can actually complete the experiments for real. 

Science360: This app is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and provides breaking news, images and videos from around the globe.

Atom-Builder:  Warning - app may cause addiction to chemistry class. Students can acquire the skills needed to count protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom. Students can race the clock and tweet the results. Practice in practice mode and students can tweet the atom they design.

Classify It: Collect "creature cards" by classifying correctly different items. Comes with three levels and is lots of fun.

CDC Solve the Outbreak: Your mission: Save Lives! How? Collect and analyze data and make the right decision. Start off as a trainee and end a Disease Detective.

Virtual Bacteria ID Lab: This app is designed for biology students.

Ready Set STAAR Test Practice App: This free app provides practice questions for the Texas STAAR Science exam. Questions are grouped for grade levels 3, 4, and 5 and are available in both English and Spanish. 

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