Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Automatically Grade Multiple Choice Quiz with Google Forms

Tech Tip Tuesday

Google Forms and Sheets have made test taking more convenient with easier grading and easier data collection. 

Follow these steps to turn a Google Form with multiple choice questions into a quiz that automatically grades. 

 1) Open Forms
 2) Add a Quiz Title and Description (directions). 
 3) Click Settings > Quizzes. Toggle the top button to "Make this a quiz."
 4) Fill out all the necessary Quiz Options and Click Save. 
 5) Create your multiple choice questions and answers. Assign a point value to each question by clicking on Answer Key
6) Share a link or Send the quiz to your students to complete. 

As your students take the assessment, click the Response Tab to see the quiz results. For further data analysis, open the quiz responses in a google sheet with one click of a button. Under the Response Tab, locate the Google Sheet and click. 

Next week, I'll share two add-ons for Google Sheet that make grading a short answer quiz as easy as pie. 

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