Monday, February 27, 2017

Capture, Communicate and Share

Mobile App Monday

Today's devices make it so easy for students to take or download a picture, write or draw on it, and then share with others. Here are some terrific tools that can be used in the classroom that get students capturing information, communicating what they know, and then share that knowledge with others. 

Skitch is a free annotation app that uses text, shapes and drawing tools. It gives you the option to annotate on photos from your photo album, a picture you take with a camera, a map, website or PDF file. 

Paper by 53 is a free app. Students can sketch and write on a photo they take or download.  Another great feature is that students can have more than one page and share it as a presentation. 

Chrome Extension and App

Awesome Screenshot can capture or clip a screen area or the entire screen, can annotate using shapes and text and can be sent to your Google Drive. 

These are great tool for students to draw out a process, show their work on math problems, draw pictures to illustrate a book, label a diagram, draw on maps,and so much more. 

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