Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Discover More with Discovery Education

Website Wednesday

Discovery Education provides many resources and activities for teachers, parents, and students. 

If you are interested in accessing and using all that Discovery Education has to offer, contact us at We'll send you a campus code to get your started. When your ready to add your students, contact us once again, and we'll get them set up.  

Teachers can download and use videos, images, audio files, lesson plans, interactive activities, and much more. Using the Builder Tools, teachers can create assignments, quizzes, boards, and writing prompts. With the classroom management, teachers can assign assignments, quizzes, interactive games, writing prompts, and resources to their students. Teachers can also share links of any video, image, quiz, writing prompt, or interactive game to their Google Classroom. 

Once you add your students, they can have access to all the information that Discovery Education offers, plus work on anything a teacher assigns, play educational interactive games, participate in programs and contests or create a board to show their learning of a certain topic or objective.

In the DEN, Discovery Education Network, teachers have access to Puzzlemaker, Virtual Trips, Discovery Now programs, and much, much more. 

Don't wait! Discover More at Discovery Education.

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