Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Emojis in Google Docs

Happy Valentine's Day

Twitter Challenge Day 2: Reply to someone who used #sanangeloisdtweets17 in a tweet yesterday & introduce yourself. Include #sanangeloisdtweets17 in your reply.

Tech Tip Tuesday: 

Emojis are a fun way for students to retell a story, design a pictograph, create a visual summary for a science experiment or historical event, or create a word problem with visual variables . 

To insert an emoji: Open a Google Doc>Insert>Special Characters>Choose Emoji from the drop down menu> 
Choose the Type of Emoji>
Click on the emojis you would like to insert.

Working with Emojis: An emoji in Google Docs is not an image, so you can't crop, rotate, or drag the handles to resize. Since an emoji is considered text, you must use the text tool features. Copy, cut, and paste or drag and drop to move the emoji in the document. To resize the emoji, select it and choose a font size from the font toolbar. 
Emojis are easy and fun to use in Google Docs.

And who knew that using this tool could also help prepare your students for a future job. I recently read an article in which a firm is seeking to hire an emoji translator. That's right an emoji translator. It seems that the emoji is the fastest growing language in some places. 

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