Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adding Extensions and Apps in Chrome

Tech Tip Tuesday

Thank you to all who have been participating in our webinars that we began in November. We now offer two regular sessions ever Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM (EdTech Talks) and again at 7 PM (PD in your Pajamas). In April we will not only offer our Tuesday and Thursday webinars, but are adding a few more on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4 PM. 
Be on the lookout for our April Newsletter coming out on Friday. The Newsletter will list all our available webinars in April. 
In our webinars today, participants looked at all the wonderful features that Chrome contains. Two features we explored were Chrome Apps and Extensions. 
Chrome Apps are web applications that run in Chrome. Almost like a quick link to the website. Apps are added to the Apps button on the bookmark bar located under the omnibox. 
A Chrome extension is something that adds functionality to a website or Google product. Extensions are placed to the right of the ominibox.

Here's how you can find and add extensions and apps to Chrome. 
1. Open Chrome and log-in to your SAISD Google Account. 
2. In the omnibox search for the Chrome Web Store. 
3. Once in the Web Store, you can search for extensions or apps by typing a key word in the search box or searching through the categories. 
4. Once you locate the app or extension you want, click the blue Add to Chrome button. 
5. A box will pop-up asking if you really want to add the app or extension. Click the  Add Extension or Add App button.

Here's a few that we recommend taking a look at: 
  • goo URL shortner - extension
  • Google Keep - app and extension
  • Google Classroom - app
  • Share to Google Classroom - extension
  • Print Friendly &PDF - extension
  • Screencastify - extension
  • Google Tone - extension
  • Kami - app and extension
  • Google Hangouts - app and extension
  • Read & Write for Google Chrome - extension

If you have an app or extension that you have added and just love, please tell us about it in the comment section. 

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