Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Google Classroom - Add-ons and Extensions

Tech Tip Tuesday

Google Classroom offers so much more than just helping classes go paperless. It is a tool that fits perfect with TTESS since it's all about the students. Google Classroom can store vital classroom resources, is appropriate for diverse learners, and offers students a way to think critically, be creative, collaborate, and communicate. 

Here are a few extensions and add-ons to help teachers and students get the most out of Google Classroom. 

Share to Classroom is a Chrome extension that makes it easier for students and teachers to share web sources with each other. 

These next add-ons and extensions are from Alice Keeler. If you haven't visited her website, do so now. It is a must. She is a Google Classroom guru. Mrs. Keeler has also co-written two books on everything Google Classroom. When she realized Classroom didn't do all that she needed it to do for her and her students, she learned to code and started scripting add-ons and extensions. Here are a few that are specific to or work well with Google Classroom. 

Screen Split - It will split the Google Classroom and student work into side-by-side screens enabling students to view assignment directions and resource links while working. 
QuickShare - Screenshot: Enables teachers to quickly give feedback to students. 

RubricTab - *Mrs. Keeler also has a rubric template that can be used with this add-on. 
Group Maker - Randomly assigns students to groups. 

Don't forget to join us for one of our webinars today featuring Google Classroom. 
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