Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Build a Story and Master Edition

Website Wednesday

I was looking at updates for Google and came across the Story Builder. Students do not have to create an account. It's easy. AND it is fun. Story Builder helps students develop basic writing skills. Students write a story by typing character dialogue.

1. Go to Story Builder. 
2. Add Character(s) by enter character names into the boxes on the left side.

3. Click the blue Write Story button to get started.
4. Once your story is complete, add a title and music.
*Story Builder offers up to seven different music selections. 
5. Click the blue Finish Up button to animate the completed conversation. 
6. Click the blue Get Share Link button. Students can copy and paste the link in to a padlet or google classroom or even email it to their teachers, families, and friends. 

Warning: I would recommend having a rough draft of the story/dialogue. The edit feature needs some work. Students can not go back to a previous character and edit. Because the dialogue does flow, the next character will need to revise and edit the dialogue. 

Here is a  quick example that I created in just 30 seconds. A Quick conversation: 

But wait, there's more.  Want to collaborate and compose a story with Edgar Allen Poe or William Shakespeare? Story Builder now offers a Master Edition. When you first open it will present you with a google doc look alike. Just start typing. Famous authors of the past will jump right in adding to or changing your story. It's a lot of fun. This tool is useful when teaching tone, syntax, diction, or voice.Once you are finished, click the Share your collaboration button, sign-in using your google account, name your document, and copy the link. It's that easy.  

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