Monday, February 22, 2016

Phonto - Adding Text to Photos

Let's face it, there is no shortage of photo apps for the iPhone or iPad. I think I have at least ten installed on my iPad. 

So why did I pick Phonto

1. it's easy to use. The interface has only three options when you open the program - menu, insert picture and save. 
2. I just insert a photo and then double tap anywhere to insert text. 
3. After the text is inserted, all of my options for editing show up in one place. I can quickly resize, change the color, rotate, edit my text, etc. 
4. When my photo is complete I can save it to the camera roll or any number of apps on my device.

In just a few minutes I have a brand new graphic I can use in any number of apps, in my blog or on social media. Students can also use phonto to label pictures and then insert them in to a video creator, photo collage or slide show. 

The app is free, but does have in app purchases. I've only used the free version and it's worked great for me.

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